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Sailing Away to a Sweet Surrender

Written by: Iris

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Whatever kind of traveler you are, it's undeniable that, at some point in your life, you have been deeply fascinated by the sea. Indeed, there’s a multitude of amazing beaches around the world- full of spirit, colorful, pristine and unspoilt - name it. Yet each has its distinct characteristic that makes it heavenly, one way or another. Whether you intend to fill your day with adventure, simply bask under the sun, or you just want to be mesmerized by the mysterious and glistening waves while walking ashore, feeling the fine sands envelope your toes, the magnetic pull of the ocean is immense. Fall in love with the golden rays of the sun as they gently peck your skin. Allow nature's sweet lullaby to take you to places you've never been to. The view of the magical and mysterious waves is not only a perfect chance to commune with nature, but it is an ideal moment to get in touch with oneself. Dazzling waves beckon you for more gazes. The soft kisses of the zephyr are a wonderful moment that you won't find anywhere else. Truly, the sea has a special allure that melts the heart of all people- the captivation is phenomenally universal, ready to tickle every traveler's taste buds. There's absolutely nothing quite like the splendor of the sea.


"Dusk Explorer" by Luis Medina is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0.




The Cruising Experience

Cruising is a one-of-a-kind experience. The same thing goes with the other types of vacation, but what makes cruising truly a cut above the rest is the beautiful fact that you are able to achieve a package-deal vacation seamlessly and with so much style. Built with first rate amenities, the conveniences and features of a luxury cruise ship guarantee the royal treatment that you deserve. The myriad of choices onboard and the variety of onshore activities are effortlessly within your reach. Play basketball or golf, go swimming or rock-climbing, or just spend several hours lounging, there's absolutely something fantastic for everyone. If you're gastronomically adventurous, the dining experience aboard the ship is ultimately gratifying; with an appetizing cuisine that also includes a collection of delectable fine wine. In terms of getting to several places, you don't need to go through the hassle of moving from one destination to another. You will be taken to each travel destination with utmost ease. There are cruise ships that cater to travelers with disability, and these are equipped with amenities, wheel-chair accessible rooms and medical equipments, that have passed the passenger accessibility guidelines.  The comfy bed and pillows on the posh suites, allow you to arrive to each travel destination with reinvigorated energy.  Cruisers with disability do not only get pampered the 5-star way, but their needs are ensured to be always met round the clock.


Here are five reasons why cruising is a perfect getaway for regular vacationers and travelers with disabilities.


  1. Affordability

Cruising is a "5-star hotel stay, beach adventure, sports exploration, food quest, pampering indulgence and supreme relaxation rolled into one."- And you only need to pay for a single package.


  1. Experiencing Diverse Activities

There are so many recreational options aboard to choose from and trying each one out enables you to discover the things that strike your interest, which tremendously helps in planning for your future activities and travel itineraries. You might discover a hidden talent or ability while on board that may pave the way for something great!


  1. Ease of traveling port-to-port

Stepping on new soils and having excursions allow you to learn more about a place, appreciating the local attractions and cookery. The experience doesn't only equip you with knowledge, but provides you an invaluable know-how, where you can only achieve from traveling and exploration.


  1. Convenience

Go holidaying with utmost elegance and convenience onboard a state-of-the-art cruise ship. The accommodating, friendly and polite cruise ship staffs are there to address all of your concerns.


  1. Interaction

Your cruise stay is a perfect time to increase the bond between you and your family. If you're traveling with your special someone, this journey will definitely improve your intimacy, as well as your relationship in general. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people, build friendships and create lasting memories.


Planning plays a fundamental role in any type of traveling. Pick a destination that's on your dream-vacay list and find the best tour operator that arranges supported holidays and vacations for people with a disability. Be sure to be transparent with regards to your (or your loved ones') medical conditions and special requirements. Cruising could be booked 9 to 12 months in advance, and generally, the balance should be paid 60 days prior your sail date.



Image Source: stopik thru Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain.


Being surrounded by the idyllic waters leaves you in a sweet surrender, while simply allowing yourself to be devoured by the sea's majestic beauty. The je ne sais quoi of cruising sets it apart from other types of vacation. Book your dream destination now with the help of ClubMates Cruising! ClubMates Cruising is a specialist in supported cruise tours for both individual and group travel, for national and international destinations. Allow the cool breeze embrace you aboard the world’s grandest ship!




*Primary Image Source: vasca thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.