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Profoundly Deaf Girl Surprised by Santa and Mrs. Claus

Written by: Iris

Profoundly Deaf Girl Surprised by Santa and Mrs. Claus post image



Christmas and the holidays have always been special, but 6-year old Tilly Morton-Cairns clearly had an extraordinary yuletide surprise when she met Santa and Mrs Clause at the Intu Metrocentre in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK. But it was not a typical encounter, picture-taking and all that gift-giving. The power couple have responded to Tilly's Christmas wish-list using sign language!


Tilly was born with normal hearing, but due to an infection called CMV or cytomegalovirus, the little girl's hearing eventually disappeared overtime. But she had the opportunity to study British Sign language, and she was able to have cochlear implants around 3 years ago, so she can now hear a little and is doing well at school.


IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook photo via WowAmazing


Santa read Tilly's wish-list with sign language. Mrs Claus gladly handed a turtle and Disney Frozen toys to Tilly while signing. This clearly surprised Tilly and definitely astonished her mom Hayley, who was surprised that they knew Tilly was deaf. Santa and Mrs. Clause talked about what the reindeer had been up to and how all of them were preparing for Christmas. The popular duo also reminded her to be always a good girl or Santa wouldn't leave any gifts on Christmas. Being a Disney Frozen fan, Tilly had a great time chatting with them about the said movie and its characters. What an incredibly memorable experience! Even Hayley herself never seen or experienced a Santa doing sign language to communicate with hearing impaired and deaf children before. A weepy Hayley captured the emotional conversation among the three, which lasted for 3 minutes. Having done that remarkable and heartwarming surprise, Hayley thinks that Santa was incredibly brilliant.


It is just wonderful to know that the shopping centre walked an extra mile in making kids with hearing difficulties feel even more special this year. The staff and Santa have undergone a sign language training course to be able to maximise their interaction with those who are deaf or have hearing impairment. Helen Atkinson, the shopping centre's marketing manager aims for everyone, including kids with hearing problems, to have fun partaking in their Christmas Program.


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Hayley narrates that the amazing experience has left Tilly "smiling from ear to ear", has boosted her confidence since then, and also constantly talked about the enjoyable meeting. The happy mom describes the whole experience as "magical". Well, she perfectly used the right adjective for the whole surprise. Santa and Mrs Clauscould have done an amazing job in simply handing presents to the expectant children while being taken pictures of them as keepsakes, but by reaching out to a deaf girl like Tilly using the sign language, and making an extra effort for them to have a normal conversation, has surely given the girl a different kind of happiness, which could serve as a great source of her inspiration and strength as she grows up. Activities like this that involve kids with a disability will surely boost the children's self esteem and develop their socialization skills, which they unquestionably need towards adulthood.


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Indeed, we do not need to be superheroes or become magicians to have magical powers to be able to do something big. With our generosity and compassion, our small acts of kindness can do wonders in empowering and inspiring others. We wish everyone happiness and success in this coming year. Happy New Year 2016 from your ClubMates Travel family! :)


IMAGE SOURCE:  Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net