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Produce Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Written by: Iris

Produce Will Tug At Your Heartstrings post image



Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be touched by the moving story of Produce.

The 2014 Dallas International Film Festival Official Selection "Produce" is a heartfelt film that tackles the facts about Down Syndrome, while highlighting the everyday struggles individuals face in general.

Set in St. Matthews, Kentucky, a former baseball player, Calvin, was at the lowest point of his life. He was forced to an early retirement due to his unusual panic attacks and sleepwalks during the day, while having to face the challenges of raising his teenage daughter. Yet one day, his whole life is bound to change as he gets to know more about Produce, a boy that works at the local grocery store, who actually has Down Syndrome.

Together they will share a friendship that allows Calvin to discover the true meaning of life, getting up from the bad experiences and decisions and moving on in life with utmost faith, hope and love.

Indeed Produce has undeniably "produced" another spring of hope within us, not only emphasizing the truth about Down Syndrome but allowing us to realize the beauty of life- giving us the hope to embrace each and every aspect of it with unbreakable faith. With the complexity of our lives in this generation- tedious tasks to complete, deadlines to beat and goals to fulfill, among others, gaining motivation from the simplest things in life or getting encouragement from unexpected people is a miracle in itself. 


*Primary Image Source: Produce: Where Hope Grows Movie