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Passion Keeps Stacy Kohut Going

Written by: Iris

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The ever competitive, highly spirited attitude and the unwavering determination of the Canadian paralympic athlete and world champion Stacy Kohut simply inspire us and keep us enthused with so much motivation! In 1992, Stacy became paralysed from the waist down after breaking his back due to a bad fall from a swing. Despite the tragedy and having been very active and sport-minded ever since, he has triumphed in striving for excellence, while doing the things he loves the most - sports. He was an avid skier, skateboarder, mountain biker and a BMX racer even prior to the said accident back in 1992. Who would have thought that he'd gain more achievements and would soar to greater heights with his disability? Rising from that unfortunate event and being able to muster the courage to transform it into something that will enrich him and inspire others to excel in sports and in life is indeed a personal accomplishment that’s truly worthy to be proud of.


It looks like pushing himself to the limits is Stacy's favourite activity. Regularly participating in Fourcross racing and wheelchair skateboarding, he intensified the expression of his passion and took advantage of these sports opportunities in strengthening his motivation in becoming the best that he could be.


Because of Stacy's never-say-die attitude, he has amassed a number of achievements and recognitions. In the 1994 Lillehammer Paralympics, he took gold, and has also bagged three silvers during the 1998 Nagano Games. Stacy is renowned as a world champion.


As one of the owners of R-One, he is considered as a driving force to its conception. R-One is a company that produces adaptive downhill mountain bikes called Fourcross. Thrill-seekers and sports fanatics with disability can now fully enjoy biking downhill, and are now able to appreciate the ecstasy and adrenaline pumping kick of extreme sports.  Fourcrossing allows sports minded individuals with disabilities and able-bodied sportsmen race and compete with each other. 

IMAGE CREDIT: NewsDisability


Inspirational words from Stacy Kohut:

"My way to the medal started soon after my accident in 1992. From the beginning I had to set up small goals, after achieving them I set new ones. First of all you must stay yourself, laugh when you can and constantly aim at achieving your goals. If you want to be the best in something, this will certainly help you.”  -  Credits to PinkBike

“ I advise every athlete, disabled and able bodies the same thing: Be yourself. Don’t let the job of being a ski racer or athlete become a cliché or a stereotype.” – Credits to NewsDisability

 “As far a being an athlete in a wheelchair, try to be as independent as possible. Use daily life and routines to ‘get tough’.” -  Credits to NewsDisability

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The accident that Stacy encountered more than two decades ago was definitely a life-changing experience, but it sure made him a stronger person and didn't even become a hindrance for him to reach his athletic goals in life. He's not only an adventurous soul, but a man whose resolve to strive for excellence did not falter. Stacy proved that he can do anything, and that his will-power and passion for life has put his disability in the shade, making him win!