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New Years Eve 2015: A Global Revelry

Written by: Iris

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A few days ago we bid farewell to 2014 and embraced 2015 with a global celebration. Aside from the commencement of another year the New Year festivities mark the time to contemplate on our past mistakes and to reflect on how to improve ourselves further. The New Year symbolizes the renewal of our chance to make things right- it restores our inner drive to accomplish our goals. It is also a momentous time to give and receive the gift of forgiveness and to be grateful for the blessings learning experiences and virtues that we've gained in the previous year which truly made us better and stronger! Indeed it is a fusion of celebration where thankfulness and hopefulness intertwine therefore one cannot think of a New Year celebration without an abundant feast and an extraordinary festivity.


Image Source: pakorn thru FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

As one of the most important holidays of the year revelers from whole world welcomed 2015 with a blast- literally and symbolically! Crowds excitedly joined the New Year countdown revelries street parties music shows concerts and families who wished to stay at home enjoyed their evening by simply waiting for the glittering fireworks show on their local channels. Here are 10 of the most impressive pyrotechnic displays seen on major cities around the globe.



Image Source: schroederhund thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.



Sydney, Australia

Considered as the "Most Watched New Year's Eve Celebration" Sydney has always wowed millions of people each year by their spectacular pyrotechnic displays seen over Sydney Harbour. A whopping 25000 shooting comets about 10000 aerial fireworks and more than 100000 pyrotechnic effects were used during the show.




Dubai, UAE

 Last year the emirate of Dubai broke the world record of the largest fireworks display. This year Dubai attempted to break the world record for the largest LED-illuminated facade covering the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa with LED screen and around 500000 shells fired in 6 minutes.




London, England

 Hundreds of thousands of people watch a heart-stopping fireworks display at the London Eye by the River Thames. For a £10 fee spectators are able to witness a breathtaking and imposing display of lighting and pyrotechnic effects.


New York, USA

 Thousands gather in the streets of New York to participate in the countdown and see the astounding fireworks show above its skyscrapers. Elton John performing on New Year’s Eve in New York also became a highlight.




Auckland, New Zealand

The weather has been windy and wet but New Zealanders were able to welcome 2015 with joy. The vibrant fireworks were set-off from the 328-metre Sky Tower.



Moscow, Russia

The exquisite fireworks show served as a magnificent backdrop for the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and Kremlin.




Manila, Philippines

Described as "bonkers" by Mashable almost every part of the Philippine capital was showered with fantastic fireworks spectacles everywhere and explosions all over the place. Definitely a gorgeous chaos!




Hong Kong

The extravagant fireworks were fired from the famous Victoria Harbour and spectators were pleased by the aerial display over the tall buildings of Hong Kong.




Paris, France

 The prominent Champs-Elysees Avenue was filled with revelers as they participate in the midnight countdown that included bands floats and parties.



Tokyo, Japan

About 2000 revelers in Tokyo released the balloons in the air that signify their wishes for the new year while striking fireworks display was seen up in the air.


Image Source: anekoho thru FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


The boisterous noise on New Year's Eve is deemed to attract good luck and to drive the evil spirits away but whether you believe this notion or not remain positive and claim the success of your endeavors and personal goals this year! Chase after your dreams as fast as you can and reward yourself and your loved-ones for a job well done by having an incredible holiday! Discover the greatest spots in Australia or journey on the world's most remarkable places this year. Whether you need a vacation or a supported holiday ClubMates Travel's got you covered!


*Primary Image Source:  Reveillon 2013 at Porto Bay Rio Internacional via photopin (license)