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How Australia's Top Cities Spent New Year 2016

Written by: Iris

How Australia's Top Cities Spent New Year 2016 post image


The year 2015 that was filled with so many blessings and learning experiences, is finally over, and thankfully, we are now already relishing the first fresh weeks of 2016 on a positive note. It's sometimes unbelievably surprising  how time flew so fast – the previous year somewhat flashed right before our eyes just like that! And before we know it, we may already be preparing for the New Year festivities for 2017! But it's certainly way too early to be doing so. Let us simply savor the moment and take pleasure in each and every month this beautiful year has to offer, and fully benefit from what 2016 has in store for us!



New Year celebrations have been exceptionally special. People from around the world prepare for this much-awaited occasion with so much anticipation and excitement. It should be, as it is a convergence of two opportunities of being grateful and appreciative for the previous year, and for being positive towards the coming of yet another fantastic year.


When it comes to impressive New Year celebrations, Australia has always been noteworthy. It has established itself as being one of the focal points, and has carved its name as an impressive presence that is being looked forward to each year by both local and international audiences. Australia is known to showcase a massive array of pyrotechnic shows in the world. It takes pride in becoming a staple in discussions that are centred on extraordinary NYE countdown parties, a multitude of activities and brilliant firework displays. This gem is definitely an ideal destination for almost every kind of travelers as it embraces everyone -  young and old, traditional or adventurous, luxurious vacationists or budget backpackers, travelers with a disability, senior holidaymakers, family vacationists and solo travelers.

The appeal and dazzle of Australia... Well, it's undeniably hard to resist! What more if we are talking about spending a major celebration at the ever paradisiacal Land Down Under? Who doesn't want to see the sensational fireworks display theatrically launched over the exemplary Australian landmarks and architectures, which millions (perhaps billions) around the world have tuned in to their TV sets? Who wouldn’t fall in love with the idea of witnessing the New Year's first ever sunrise, while frolicking by the gorgeous Australian waters? Who could even forgo the unmatched parties and revelries that both partygoers and music lovers can truly enjoy? Who could possibly turn down the temptation of capturing the harmonious landscapes of Australian's natural beauty, while standing on an ideal vantage point for the dynamic fireworks ? And who could even defy getting in touch with oneself, while watching the myriad of colors and lustrous psychedelic shades splattered all over the gaudy, starry sky - like that of the Aurora Borealis, all while being engulfed by the consummate surroundings of the world-renowned Australian city that you're in, with the confidence that you've gained the past year, that strengthens your faith for a far better New Year? Truly, this particular emotion can only be achieved and can only be unraveled in Australia…



Here’s how the top cities in Australia celebrated this year's most anticipated revelry.


  1. Sydney

The whole world waited for the colossal explosion of fireworks at the world-famous Sydney Harbour, where 1.6 million revelers have gathered to watch the enormous pyrotechnic show over the iconic structures and landmarks of Sydney to ring in the New Year. The theme of the fireworks display "City of Colours" evoked  a multitude of bright colours, splattered over the yachts by the harbour, with the people taking advantage of the ideal vantage point by the bank. Families at the North Sydney Olympic Pool enjoyed swimming and family fireworks watching at 9pm.



  1. Melbourne

The people have waited for the 9:30pm family fireworks which were launched at the Yarra Park. Melbourne made sure that this year's fireworks display is much more striking than that of 2015. With more than 10 tonnes of fireworks that were launched from 17 sites, attendees were stunned by the impeccable fireworks display over the metropolis. It's obvious that they have hit their aims of providing a more resplendent presentation.



  1. Brisbane

Excited spectators stand in awe while watching the dark sky ablaze with so much lights and polychromasia from the 30,000 fireworks that were launched from three rooftops and five barges on Brisbane River, like a blanket of backdrop behind the iconic "Wheel of Brisbane". Kids went to meet and greet Blinky Bill, before enjoying the family fireworks. Beach parties, buffets and gala concerts were also set to impress locals and tourists alike. Bribane noticeably didn't disappoint.



  1. Darwin

This year's New Year celebration is definitely bigger than the previous year in Darwin! With the "Aussie outback" theme, revelers had an ultimate NYE watching the pyro-musical fireworks display at the Waterfront. Families who want a countrified New Year have certainly enjoyed their amusing time in Darwin!



  1. Cairns

Cairns didn't fail the people who opted for a New Year's Eve filled with music and entertainment. There were so many clubs that offered live music, huge themed parties, and cabaret-themed shows, many partygoers also chose to camp or spend the last few hours of 2015 on a beach. Some people simply gathered to witness the beautiful array of the pyrotechnic display. A lot of them truly had a great time at the delightful New Year's Eve parties and some chose to make it even more relaxed by spending NYE, while enjoying the sights and sounds on a soothing cruise.




Every year, almost each city ensures that they prepare thrilling events and more impressive fireworks display, for both national and international holidaymakers. High-caliber pyro-technicians prepare several months ahead to bring the cities’ plans and fireworks themes into reality, and always aiming to make the next New Year's Eve fireworks show, a whole lot better than the previous year. This is truly reflective of the favourite New Year quote: "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday."


"We wish you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year!


-With love, from ClubMates Travel!"






Image Source: geralt / 10101 images via Pixabay and under the  CC0 Public Domain

Image Source: Unsplash / 7053 images via Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain

Image Source: geralt / 10101 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.