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Embracing Human Diversity in 'Beyond Inclusion'

Written by: Iris N.

“Could we create a world without barriers? Could we go beyond inclusion?”


The Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) has premiered its short film, Beyond Inclusion, on April 2016. The said film is created to generate conversations, and encourage everyone to ask questions, raise their concerns and share their inputs together to build a much more inclusive future for the next generation. Written and directed by Ryan Commerson, the film proudly stars the 26 year-old Nyle DiMarco who has teamed up with CSD. Nyle DiMarco, is a Deaf model, actor, activist and spokesman who was born in New York. He came from a multigenerational Deaf family. He obtained his degree in Mathematics from Gallaudet University, which is known as the only liberal arts university for the Deaf in the world.


Image Source: Beyond Inclusion


Beyond Inclusion is a part of CSD’s relentless efforts in improving as well as enriching the lives of the deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind and differently-abled people. They aim to promote discussions in developing accessibility in the coming years, as well as constantly reevaluating the true meaning of inclusion, towards a new, inclusive future.


The 9-minute film’s goal is to inspire and encourage a national conversation, where different perceptions, opinions and ideals are freely talked about by people with disabilities. It inspires the persons with disabilities to have their say, and making it possible for them to enjoy a higher quality of life and their right to be heard without the labels.


In the film, the term “disability” has been replaced with “human diversity”, which is a more unbiased and varied terminology. The film is set 10 years in the future. A time where the world is packed with all the technological advancements and innovations, enabling everyone to achieve more meaningful connections and conversations. The question is whether discrimination and the stigma will be really removed if “disability” is fixed and persons with disabilities are engineered out by curing their deafness and/or their other disabilities. Or is it much better to simply embrace and love their uniqueness, thus improving the human diversity in this world?




The Pro-Diversity supporters and advocates triumphed in replacing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that involves a motion which welcomes and embraces human diversity. It was done to guarantee that the law will always be inclusive and that it recognizes all variations in the human race. Ash and Tavi realized that although they should already be happy with this law and the recent developments in the technology better the way on how they communicate, in reality, people who are identified as “disabled” are still being labeled, discriminated and even possibly engineered for removal. This shows that the cultural transformation is really not yet achieved. But the short film remarkably showed that embracing, accepting and appreciating the value of human diversity is possible- through the force of love, and the power of the human spirit.




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The film takes us into a sneak peak of the future of our world and how technology plays a major factor in inclusion. The innovations will surely improve human diversity by the enhanced communication. The developments will definitey increase accessibility which will then result to a higher quality of life for them. But our world will indeed become a better place if we simply promote equality, not only through words, but mainly through actions, implementations and genuine acceptance and respect towards our fellow brothers and sisters, in a world that truly celebrates human diversity.


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*Primary Image Courtesy of Beyond Inclusion | CSD

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