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Written by: Iris

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Keith Knight doesn't use his hands to defeat other players in video games such as League of Legends. Knight, who has muscular dystrophy, instead uses his cheek to control a mouse, his leg to press external switches mapped to game commands, and a pen in his mouth to type on a keyboard.

A documentary released this week shows what real life is like for the 27-year-old disabled gamer -- better known online as "Aieron" -- who resides in an assisted living community in British Columbia, Canada. Knight has a form of MS called amyoplasia arthrogrypos. From birth, this condition caused his body to form less muscle mass while his joints gradually stiffened over the years.

When Knight isn't dominating foes in League of Legends and streaming the results live on, he spends time working toward his bachelor's degree in business administration (focusing on entrepreneurial leadership),