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Culinary Inspiration: The Pursuit of Dreams and Excellence

Written by: Iris

Culinary Inspiration: The Pursuit of Dreams and Excellence post image



Holidays are celebrated for a lot of reasons and in various distinctive ways. Indeed stress levels get high in planning and preparation and there’s the rise of excitement as the exact day of revelry approaches and upon reflecting on the true essence of each festivity one thing remains perennially present- food. Food highlights almost every fête oftentimes leaving us to associate them instantly on what is actually being observed. The signature dishes are a staple element of holidays where they become a part of family bonding and merry-making paving the way for the creation of golden memories. The sumptuous meals alongside the games all those singing and dancing are not only an integral part of the festivities but they also serve as a witness to the building of dreams hopes for the future as well as forgiveness and reconciliations. Truly celebrations signify a new chapter of life.


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This month is an exciting time to showcase an endless array of indulgence. From the Feast of the Immaculate Conception the first and last day of the Hanukkah to the December solstice; from Boxing Day to Proclamation Day; and from the exchange gifts done on Christmas to the fireworks display on New Year's Eve the month of December has become the busiest time of the year not to mention that it’s the most gastronomically-friendly season! Undeniably each home has its own master chef that families can depend on and most of us have a foodie in us that we greatly unleash when there's a need for mouthwatering treats and creative dishes. Speaking of chefs these culinary artists with disabilities have brilliantly transformed raw ingredients into scrumptious cordon bleu meals and have clearly defied challenges by incessantly improving themselves through training hard work innovation and optimism while striving for perfection.


  1. John Hughes

John grew up around vineyards and gained a diploma in wine marketing at the University of Adelaide. Making it to the Top 30 of the popular reality TV show Master Chef John was able to display his outstanding culinary skills and integrity to the whole world. He has cerebral palsy yet it didn't impede him from pursuing his dreams to express his talent for cooking and to become a winemaker. He owns the wine label Riesling Freak.


  1. Erin Poyle


Erin Poyle is a self-taught chef who suffered in a motor vehicular accident in 1991 which left her a quadriplegic. Baking and cooking have become a part of her therapy but her passion for the culinary arts could be related to her childhood experience of regularly watching her dad cook enthusiastically. Although there's difficulty in mobility she was able to create remarkable meals ranging from Italian Greek and Mediterranean. Erin has published her e-cookbook Erin's Cookin' With One Hand Behind My Back.


  1. Jamie Oliver


A world-renowned celebrity chef author and media personality Jamie Oliver has proven that his dyslexia was never a hindrance in reaching his aspirations. At the age of 38 he finished reading his first novel Catching Fire.  Showing a high regard for cooking and education Jamie aims to encourage healthy eating and is an advocate of environmental charities and food education. Jamie set up a school for dyslexics who are disaffected with mainstream education.


  1. Tom Dickinson


Tom Dickinson is a professional chef author and teacher. Having been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum he encourages parents of individuals in the autism spectrum to cook and prepare nutritious meals. He also holds activities and campaigns in promoting independence among adults with Autism and Asperger's. He's the author of “Cooking With Class" "Where There’s a Meal There’s a Way" and "Affordable Eats". He also hosts the radio show "Cooking with CLASS".


  1. Tim Harris


Tim Harris may not be a professional chef but is worthy to be on this list for his determination and ensuring that his customers’ tummies are definitely delighted! As the owner of the world's friendliest restaurant Tim’s Place located in New Mexico Tim is the only restaurateur in the United States who has Down Syndrome. What made his restaurant even more special is the Hug Counter where he has given around 59000 hugs since his business started. Tim gives each of his customers a hug to make them feel comfortable and connected with their friends. He is also a college graduate a superb sailor and a Special Olympian. Tim is such a happy soul that he dances his way to work each day. What a way to start the day with so much gratefulness and gusto!      

Tim Harris the Owner of Tim’s Place Restaurant will be getting his own reality show


These culinarians have earned the peoples' admiration and respect not because of their disability but because of their inner drive to constantly hone their expertise. They earned their stripes for showing an untainted zeal for life. So whether you have a physical challenge or not always bear in mind that motivation and perseverance are your intangible tools for you to live your dreams.

So say adieu to the old year with a bang not only by amazingly concocting fantastic recipes and perfecting ambrosial dishes but with a renewed vehemence and delight towards life. Know your goals reach for them with all your might and strive for perfection in everything you do and realize that deep within your soul is an aura of power in making your dreams absolutely real.


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