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Christmas Activities to Inspire our Loved Ones with a Disability

Written by: Iris

Christmas Activities to Inspire our Loved Ones with a Disability post image

The Halloween has just recently passed and most of us surely had a fantastic, one helluva time during the scariest and most spooky time of the year! :D But just as we're about to pack up those Halloween gift and candy baskets, those orange and black house decors, the hair-raising (and funny!) costumes, and creepy spiderwebs and cobwebs, the feeling of excitement for the Christmas season is slowly setting in. Planning to celebrate festivities is undeniably overwhelming, but how come we still find joy in accomplishing it? Maybe, it's because deep in our hearts lies the fun-loving nature of our existence! That no matter how far in advance we prepare for a supported holiday or how challenging it is to organize an upcoming event, we don't mind the sweat (and even tears!) that's associated with our efforts. The thing that mainly motivates us is the rewarding feeling of being able to make others happy, and the effort in creating treasured memories that are intertwined with it. The said feeling is definitely irreplaceable!


So many ways in planning for an ideal Christmas celebration can be accomplished. Palatable dishes, decors with zestful colours, and not to mention the unavoidable Christmas rush are already a mainstay when the yuletide celebration is planned for, but there are actually plenty of ways to revere on the most awaited Christmas season, in a way that's beneficial and enriching for your loved ones with disability, but could also be astonishingly entertaining for everyone!


There's a lot of things to consider in organizing a Christmas activity for a family member who needs support. Although having fun is already a given objective when arranging for a fete, pondering and assessing the capacity, interest and health condition of your loved with disability will surely make a difference.




IMAGE SOURCE: Photo by nenetus by FreeDigitalPhotos

It's just right to say that it's always heaving everywhere during the Christmas season! Malls and markets are crammed with shoppers. The roads are saturated with huge sales, not to mention how congested the streets are! If you want to escape the city's hustle and bustle, going for a relaxed vacation beyond the metropolis is an ideal choice for most families. A soothing  experience at the countryside, an adventurous yet undemanding time in the outback, or a calming beach getaway will not only make your Christmas celebration more intimate, but it is also set to provide everyone a chance to de-stress from so much activity this December, amid the city's topsy-turviness.



Supported Holiday


IMAGE SOURCE: LonelyTaws  via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license

A supported holiday is a great gift that you can give to your loved one with a disability, but spending it with the whole family is definitely an excellent present that you could give to them! Have a historical tour, go fishing, splatter with water at the beach, go sightseeing along the Great Ocean Road, have some retail therapy in Victoria (confirm place), indulge with the decadent chocolates in Tasmania - anything and everything! At the end of the day, you and your family didn't only live it up during season, but you were able to exemplify what the Christmas spirit is all about- generosity, time and love. It is also a way of showing them how much you support them, and thesethe unforgettable and priceless moments will become a great source of strength and inspiration for them, later on.



Attending a Motivational Speech or Inspirational Talk


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Making a motivational talk a highlight of your yuletide vacation, or attending it with a family member with a disability is absolutely rewarding experience that will surely inspire both of you or your group in accomplishing your goals and reaching your fullest potential, despite the hurdles and the challenges that you have. An inspirational speech can promote a realization within a person, which can lead him to working on and pursuing his hidden abilities and talents. The motivation and inspiration are gained from this pursuit is truly a life-changing experience- you will never know where this activity leads your loved one, as well as yourself!




Home Decorating

IMAGE SOURCE: lumpi via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.

Arts and crafts and decorating your home is therapeutic. In expressing yourself thru creativity, you don't need to be Picasso, Da Vinci or perhaps being a professional artist or interior designer isn't necessary to beautify your home with ornaments this season. With the right planning, good colour combination, tasteful harmonizing and designating the right task for each family member, your dream Christmas theme can be achieved this year, all with the combined efforts of the whole family. Truly a fantastic (and artistic!) bonding moment!



Pampering and Makeover


IMAGE SOURCE: rhythmuswege via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license

After more than 365 days of beating the deadlines, completing daily tasks and numerous moments of stress, pressure and frustration, why not make the Christmas season the most relaxing time of the year too? Allow yourself and your family to give in to a unique, pampering experience. Perhaps you could go to Daylesford to indulge in the world famous spa and aromatherapy? Or visit the inviting Lakes Entrance to take a breather. Get your nails and hair done at Illuka Day Spa.  Regardless if you all want to have venturesome vacay or a mellow holiday, make sure that you all get the indulgence that you deserve for your tired mind and body. Truly, a great gift for yourself!   


By careful planning, initially considering the needs of your loved one who has a disability, incorporating their interests, and agreeing on a specific undertaking that the majority loves, everyone will be all set for a rewarding and truly pleasant Christmastide! Being the "most wonderful time of the year", it's clear that "merely celebrating" it isn't enough. Organizing for this special occasion with "TLC" ensures that everyone will not only have a good time, but a Christmas celebration that encompasses various opportunities to bond, and different activities which could help our loved ones develop their skills all while having fun is a perfect way to maximise your Christmas supported holiday. A rewarding and more in-depth way of relishing your time this Christmas is definitely in the bag.


PRIMARY IMAGE CREDIT: Gilmanshin  via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.