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Bodybuilder With Down Syndrome is Now Building His Dreams

Written by: Iris N.

Nothing could ever stop Collin Clarke from chasing his dreams! Born with Down Syndrome, the 22-yearold became an epitome of inspiration, not only for the health enthusiasts and fitness buffs around the world, but for all individuals who are having a hard time in jump-starting their fitness journey!


IMAGE SOURCE: Glenn Ubelhor Facebook


"Quick progress" is how Collin makes on his way in pursuing his fitness goals. Some take several years before being able see the results from their hard work, and gain satisfaction from it, but Collin has hit his goals impressively, for only a year. His devotion to a painstaking routine and commitment in following a very strict, well-balanced diet, regular exercise and training are surely a huge factor for him to succeed. He was able to lose 60 pounds or 27 kg of his body weight so he could become a bodybuilder. Thanks to the opportunity to work as a front desk personnel at Bob's Gym North in Evansville, Indiana, and for the tremendous support of his good friend and personal trainer Glenn Ubelhor, Collin was ready to perform for his first ever body-building competition where he will be given a minute to perform his routine in the AC/DC's Back in Black's novice division. He is clearly on his way to making his dreams a reality.


No doubt Collin achieved the results he wanted for only a short period of time. His passion for bodybuilding is the force that drove him to perseveringly undergo the intensive and rigorous training, while being austere enough to practise self-control.



IMAGE SOURCE: Collin Clarke Facebook


"I feel great," Clark expressed delight, while sharing his thoughts about bodybuilding with 14News. "I'm so happy to be doing this. Bodybuilding is in my blood and I always wanted to do this ever since I was a kid." It's amazing how the 22 year-old was able to discover his craft at such a young age, and was able to triumph over the challenges; the blood and sweat that he had to endure!



He gains inspiration from bodybuilders from around the world, motivating him to work and train harder. Glenn proudly says that Collin is his most focused and dedicated client. With the fitness benefits that Collin now enjoys, it’s also evident that his social skills and confidence are strengthened with this milestone.




Little did Collin know that the way he reached his aspirations and how he lives his dreams now, have become an epitome of inspiration. Not only due to his determination of being the best in the field of bodybuilding, but by expressing steadfastness and vigor in everything that he does. His attitude is indeed a great indicator as to why he succeeded. :)


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With how complicated and difficult the generation that we are currently in, attaining our goals isn't a walk in the park. There are so many distractions and so many obligations, not to mention the great deal of challenges that may discourage us and dampen our spirits along the way. But Collin definitely taught us not to overly complicate things. It's just doing what we love to do, giving our everything and going from there!


These stories can indeed change your gloomy day into a time of hope. Collin's story makes us appreciate our strength, power and ability to transform ourselves for the better.


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