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10 Tips for a Hassle-Free Supported Holiday

Written by: Iris

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Preparation is an innate facet of our lives. As children, the moral values to fully prepare for a task to fulfill our duties were instilled at a very young age. While we mature, the list of our responsibilities increase at the same time, allowing us to learn more about ethics and to carry out the obligations that were given to us through proper planning and preparation. While there is a certain kind of appeal in taking some aspects of our lives in a carefree and happy-go-lucky manner, it is still quite ideal to arrange and prepare for something to reduce the possibility of any difficulties and inconveniences. As Alexander Graham Bell once said, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."  Indeed, having a sense of preparedness safeguards us from an impending failure.



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Headed for your winter or summer break? A supported holiday is definitely made feasible by entrusting it to a team of professionals who are highly-experienced in managing supported holidays and vacations for people with a disability. Obviously, you are ensured of an unperturbed trip, but it surely is sensible to do your own homework. Keep these 10 tips for travelers with disabilities in mind, to have the most seamless journey ever!


  1. Ensure that you book with a credible tour operator that is experienced and qualified enough in arranging supported holidays and vacations for people with disabilities, to make sure that a suitable travel plan is being created for you.
  2. Booking 6 to 9 months ahead is highly emphasized to give way to financial situations and budgetary circumstances. This also allows plenty of time to file for the necessary paperwork, like passport application or renewal, if cruising or traveling internationally.
  3. When booking, your tour operator will ask you very detailed questions to ensure a comfortable and safe trip, so be very transparent and clear in describing your condition, special dietary needs and health requirements. Answer the questions that they raise and provide additional specifics, so they could guarantee a level of support that is very much appropriate for you.
  4. Provide more than an adequate time when arriving at the airport. About 2 to 3 hours before the time of your departure is ideal. If your travel dates are in a peak-season, make sure that you add plenty of time beforehand. Try not to be late and give enough time allowance when you/your group and tour operator arranges for a meet-up at a certain time and place, to avoid causing any inconvenience to yourself and to the others members of your group.
  5. Ensure that you prepare extra medications for emergency situations. It is suggested that you take 1 or 2 sets of medication, stored in a cool, dry place that you can easily dig up when traveling.
  6. Take note of the itineraries and reminders given to you by your tour operator or carer. Read it carefully and have a copy of it. They will be helpful in situations where you need to refer to them.
  7. See to it that you have the information about your medical condition and needs, as well as your physician’s contact information on a piece of paper or card, along with your identification card, placed in your purse or wallet, which can be easily accessed by your carer when needed.
  8. Double, or even triple check your travel essentials, like sunscreen, sanitizer, tissue, a hat and sunglasses, aromatic inhaler or essential oils to ease motion sickness, medications, as well as any special medical equipment.
  9. Invest in durable medical equipments and high quality travel luggage to save you from the headaches of a damaged suitcase or a glitched gear.
  10. Do some research about your destination, especially when traveling internationally. Though not necessarily a requirement, knowing a bit about the customs and foreign language will at least help you maximise your vacation and exploration.

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It's wonderful to know that these days, traveling with a disability has been made more doable. With more and more accessibility features that promise a seamless strip, a certain kind of autonomy and liberty are definitely achieved. Yet, we cannot take an adequate preparation too lightly, as it is a major element in the success rate of a holiday or supported vacation. By choosing the industry’s top tour operator for assisted travels and with sufficient readiness and ample preparedness, you can lower the possibility of stress, cut the tension from your vacation and up the pleasure on your holiday! Be bold, and take pleasure in your escapade! Soar high!


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