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NDIS - All you need to know

NDIS approved disability service provider

ClubMates Travel is always looking to the future when organising supported holidays and with the release of the NDIS funding, ClubMates Travel agents have been trained to provide the perfect assisted holiday which can utilise NDIS funding where possible. The Managing Director of ClubMates, Peter Negri, has been meeting with other providers, plan managers, support coordinators, non-government organisations and his own staff to ensure the supports we claim are fair and legal.

With the NDIS now firmly in the sector and many people with plans we have seen many changes, the changes are mostly positive, and the passengers are now becoming more astute on how to utilise funding to enhance their lives and in particular, when it comes to assisted holidays.

NDIS Plan Tips

ClubMates has been encouraging people when developing their NDIS plan to utilise the servicers of a planner or support coordinator. Planners and Support Coordinators make the process easier once the plan is implemented and less stressful in knowing how to access the funding from the plan. Plan Managers also make the process much easier to access the money within the participant’s plan.

There are several ways to access the funds in the plan:

  • Agency Managed where the NDIS administers the money and all services must be provided from a NDIA registered provider.
  • Plan Management allows the flexibility to use non-NDIS registered providers but can be risky if the person or company has not got good policies and procedures in place.
  • Self-administer the plan; this means you access the portal independently and pay all the providers yourself via the NDIA Portal.

Plans change over time and each time you do a review ensures the plan fits with your lifestyle and goals. Each year, you should expect to see changes and improvements to your plan. The NDIS is a scheme that is developing constantly and with all the participants and providers giving feedback to the NDIA, we hope that the scheme will empower people with a disability who want to enjoy a supported holiday to fulfil their dreams and goals.

Easy to understand NDIS Terminology

LAC – Local Area Coordinator

These people work with participants to set up a plan for the coming 12-24 months. Then, they send the plan for final approval to the NDIA. It is vitally important you have all the details of your plan organised before meeting with the LAC.

NDIA – National disability Insurance Agency

This is the name of the organisation that runs the NDIS.

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

This is the name of theinsurance system that is in operation, and at times is confused with the agency that administers it.

Agency Managed

The participant decides to allow the NDIA or the agency to manage the money for them rather than self-managing or using a Plan Manager.


Self-managing your Plan means you manage the financial areas of the plan such as budgeting and claiming money through the portal to pay service providers.

Plan Managers

Plan managers are financial bodies, both private and not for profit, who claim money from the NDIS to pay for all the various NDIS-approved areas of a participant’s life from the plan.

Support Coordinator – Coordinator of Supports

Both these job roles are very similar. Support Coordinators have a higher education and therefore should be more skilled; Coordinators of Supports do the same role but at a cheaper rate. They both work for the participant assisting to find services to assist with using the plan and ensuring the money is utilised correctly.


A provider is an NDIS-approved company or disability service that provides product or services that can be claimed from the NDIS.


When asking for a package from the NDIS you become a participant in the scheme, therefore allowing you to get a plan.

The Plan

This is a name identifying the agreement between the participant and the NDIA and it details what money is allocated to what area of the person’s life.

The Portal

The Portal is the electronic system that allows the participant, provider and NDIA to communicate. It also allows all parties to enter service bookings and claim money from the NDIS. The participant, provider or Plan Manager needs to log into the portal and enter a service booking and then once the service is rendered the provider can log back into the portal and claim the outstanding money.

Service bookings

This is an agreement between the participant and the provider detailing what service is to be delivered and when.

NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

When passengers/participants call our office, these are the most frequent questions asked. ClubMates staff are always happy to answer any questions and explain how the new NDIS system works in conjunction with your dream supported holiday. And if we don’t know the answer, we will speak to someone who knows.

Is Clubmates an approved Provider?

Yes, we are registered as a provider in each state of Australia.

What should you ask for when setting up your Plan?

Before you go to the planning meeting with your LAC (local area coordinator,) contact ClubMates with a potential holiday so we can provide an estimate of what the costs could be claimed in your new plan and we can provide you with some literature detailing “REASONABLE AND NECESSARY” supports.

How do I engage Clubmates as a service provider?

Call the ClubMates office and speak to one of the friendly Travel Agents who specialise in supported holidays. They can walk you through the process with ease.

How long does it take to get a service agreement placed?

Our holiday application form makes up the service agreement, so it is very quick, you will have it sent to you usually the day you make your assisted holiday booking

What part of the holiday can be claimed from my NDIS plan?

The staff costs on your supported holiday is what we can claim along with some mother areas depending on the plan and your disability.

How do we pay my holiday support costs from my NDIS Plan?

We like to make it easy, so we can do the claim for you either via the NDIS portal, your plan manager or from yourself if you are self-managing.

Now that I have a plan, do you take the money from Core Supports?

Yes we do. In most cases, we claim from “Social and Recreational Activities”. In some cases, we can access other items but this needs to be discussed at the time of enquiry/booking.

How do I engage ClubMates as a service provider?

Simply complete the application form with one of our consultants, sign it and you have completed the service agreement.

What do I need to tell the LAC to get funding for my holiday?

Speak to your LAC and let them know that one of your goals is to enjoy a holiday each year to develop your independence and social skills.

How much do I need to allow in my Plan for a holiday?

It varies depending on when you are travelling and the support ratio. The NDIA has got fixed rates for different days and times. It is best to contact the ClubMates office to get an accurate figure.

Do you have the NDIS rates I need to claim on this website?

In our dealings with the NDIS as a disability holiday provider, we have found it much better to speak to each person so that we can address any questions or concerns.

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