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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Book

How many passengers can ClubMates Travel take on holiday?

The majority of our group holidays are designed for between 4 and 44 passengers.

Who does ClubMates Travel cater for? Will I be able to join a holiday with my disability?

Yes, we try our very best to cater for everyone, whatever their disability. The qualified and experienced members of the ClubMates support crew are able to support passengers in any way they require. Give us a call to discuss the level of support that you require.

Do I need a certain level of health and fitness to participate?

All passengers should be healthy enough to participate in the holiday's planned activities. If you are unsure whether or not you reach the level of health required, please call us. We strive to accommodate everyone on our holidays.

I need individual one-to-one support throughout my holiday. Is this possible?

Yes. We can arrange anything from 1:1 to 1:6 (one carer to one/six passengers) carer-to-passenger ratios.

I have my heart set on a holiday, but it isn't listed on the ClubMates Travel website. Can you still help me?

Certainly. On top of the holidays we have listed, we also offer tailored holidays to suit you. If you call us with a dream holiday in mind, we can make it happen.

I like the sound of one particular holiday, but I know some of the activities won't be for me. What can I do instead?

We always aim to make our holidays as flexible as possible. We always have a pre-established itinerary for each holiday, but if you can tell us in advance that you want to do something that isn't in the plan, we will do our best to make that happen.

I don't live anywhere near where the holiday leaves from. What can I do?

Clubmates Travel can arrange flights and overnight accommodation for a fee. We can either link you to the holiday after it has started, or we can make sure you don't miss a thing by getting you to the location of departure. It's all up to you.

Where will we be staying?

Usually, passengers will stay at 3 or 4 star motel-style accommodation during their holiday. We believe this kind of accommodation is best option, as it means that all holidays are comfortable, good fun, and affordable.

How will I be travelling?

This all depends on which holiday you choose and where you will be travelling to. ClubMates Travel holidays use different modes of transport: planes, cruise ships, coaches, and 4WDs are just some of the modes of transport used. If you would like to travel in another way, contact us to find out your options.

My circumstances have changed and I have to cancel my holiday. How do I do this?

All cancellations must be notified to Clubmates Travel in writing. The cancellation is not valid until we receive this notice. See terms and conditions for information on cancellation fees.

What is included in the price of the holiday?

All main meals, accommodation for the duration of the holiday, listed activities, support crew and other staff, are all included in the price of the holiday.

What do I have to take care of?

All passengers should have travel insurance, spending money for the holiday, passports and visas, and any personal items that they wish to take e.g. electronic devices, toiletries, enough clothing and footwear etc.

How much luggage can I take with me on holiday?

Passengers are allowed to take two bags on holiday with them: one suitcase/backpack (bigger bag) that should not exceed 20kg, and one other bag (rucksack or smaller) below a weight of 7kg.

I need assistance with my medication during my holiday. Can you help me?

Yes, of course. Our support crew are all trained to administer medication and look after it during the holiday.

How do I make a booking with ClubMates Travel?

Call the ClubMates Travel office and speak to one of our consultants to ascertain availability and then complete pre holiday/vacation questionnaire over the phone with the consultant
Open our website and choose the appropriate holiday and submit the information required. When we receive the information one of our consultants will contact you to confirm the booking.

Where do ClubMates Travel go to?

ClubMates has successfully taken passengers all over the globe with some of the destinations including Portugal, South Africa, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Europe just to name a few. We are very experienced in offering cruises to all parts of the globe offering 3 days – 4 weeks.

What support is supplied when I am on holidays?

When booking your holiday speak with your consultant to ensure the level of support is appropriate. All group holidays offer support unless otherwise noted. ClubMates support crew are available to assist with personal care, budgeting, and administration of medication. If a higher level of care is required speak to your consultant about the options.

Can I meet with the support person before the holiday/vacation departs?

We have many passengers wanting to meet with one of the support crew before departure. If you contact the ClubMates office we can arrange a suitable time and place. This is an additional cost but in many cases a worthwhile investment before departure.

Once I have made the booking what happens?

Once the booking is confirmed the ClubMates Travel office will send all the appropriate booking forms. These forms include: tax invoice, itinerary for selected holiday/vacation, welcome letter, travel insurance and booking form (medical details). The booking cannot be fully confirmed until a deposit has been paid.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

No, but it is strongly advised. Clubmates Travel will organise this. Our invoices include the cost of travel insurance. If you determine that you need to have a higher level or have a pre-existing condition this may cost more and therefore ClubMates Travel should be notified.

How do I change or cancel a booking?

Contact the ClubMates office to discuss the change or cancellation. Refer to the terms and conditions for any cancellation fees. If the passenger decides to choose another holiday rather than cancel that is usually easily re-organised. Check with the ClubMates consultant for any fees that may be due.

How do I pay for the holiday/vacation

Payment can be made either via direct deposit into ClubMates Travel account, cheque, credit card or bank cheques.

Can I make periodical payments?

Yes, if you would like to pay for your holiday periodically, we will provide you with a receipt each time a payment is made. This way, you will have an accurate way of tracking your outstanding amount.

When do you need to make the final payment?

Final payment needs to be received by the due date on the invoice. It can be 60, 90,120 or 150 days before departure depending on the holiday/vacation

Do I receive any information between receiving the booking package and departure?

Yes, definitely. 1-3 weeks before departure you will receive a clothing list, meeting time and an updated itinerary along with the contact details of the tour leaders contact details.

If I don't want to go on a group holiday/vacation can I choose another type of holiday/vacation

Yes, you can have your own holiday/vacation either supported or unsupported to any destination around the globe.

Do I need a passport?

If travelling within your own country a passport is not required, but if you are travelling on a cruise ship or internationally yes you will need a passport with at least 6 months before expiration.

Who organises visas for international holidays?

ClubMates organise all visas for supported travel with a ClubMates staff member. It is advised you check with your consultant to ensure who is organising the visas.

Do I need vaccinations?

Many destination do not require vaccinations but it is advised that you speak to your own doctor for specific advice. ClubMates only offer broad generic advice to passengers.