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Ready for Trams,Cars and Go Karts? blog image

Ready for Trams,Cars and Go Karts?

I remember my Dad's sparkling eyes whenever he spots a fabulous-looking car on the street. On a couch at home, his eyes getting all dreamy by the dashing looks of the latest car models shown on TV. Deep breaths. moments of silence. The kind of captivation you just couldn't...

Fully-Loaded Magic : Phillip Island  blog image

Fully-Loaded Magic : Phillip Island

Grand prix circuit racing. Ticked. Visit a car museum. Ticked. See Australia's amazing wildlife. Ticked. Get a unique holiday park experience. Ticked.  What a fully-loaded bucket list you've got in there! Well, if you're in for one, then might as well tick Phillip...

Make Your Dreams Come True at Disneyland blog image

Make Your Dreams Come True at Disneyland

Disneyland has been known as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Experience the fun and magic by personally visiting Disneyland. No need to worry about how to get there, let ClubMates Travel do all the planning to ensure you create a magical memory of a lifetime. ClubMates...

Horsham Country Music Festival blog image

Horsham Country Music Festival

We set off on tour to the town of Horsham, where the music is set to soar, Alan Duffy,Reg Poole and Don Costa plus many more. Julie, David, Jim, Loretta and Susan are our guests and boy are they set for some fun, Dancing, singing and enjoying the company of everyone. As...

Rock Your Vacay at this Gem of a Place ! blog image

Rock Your Vacay at this Gem of a Place !

So what does a getaway mean to you? Does it describe holidaying at a place you have never been to? Or is it a mere "getting away" from the bustle of your routine life? Certainly, if you're planning for your next trip,then make sure to step onto a new haven to try something...

Peace on Earth? That's a Piece of Perth!   blog image

Peace on Earth? That's a Piece of Perth!

Avid travelers often find that planning their next travel destination is a tricky business. With their super long bucket list, it's a bit challenging to narrow it down and pick their next best itinerary. Usually, when topics about traveling are being discussed, the words...

Music and Traveling: Best of Both Worlds blog image

Music and Traveling: Best of Both Worlds

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.", and so does traveling. Some prefer to be inspired by the former. Others love the latter and would just opt to wander. Evidently, both have clearly something in common. These two give us a form of relaxation....

Royal Hobart Regatta Day! blog image

Royal Hobart Regatta Day!

It's the annual Royal Hobart Regatta day! It is the oldest public holiday in Australia that hosts a 3-day event full of fun-filled activities since 1838, in commemoration of the discovery of Tasmania. Come and visit Regatta Ground and Queens Domain along River Derwent from...

Rediscover Yourself in INDONESIA blog image

Rediscover Yourself in INDONESIA

When was the last time that you ate and savored every bite of it? When was the last time that you prayed and found enlightenment? When was the last time that you loved and filled your heart with it?   ClubMates Travel will help you do just that in Indonesia!!   The thought...

Happy Australia Day from ClubMates Travel! blog image

Happy Australia Day from ClubMates Travel!

Australia Day is only just around the corner! All Aussies have big plans of celebrating this day with great festivities.Whether it is holding a barbecue party at home, dropping by the nearest local events, to watching the glamorous fireworks in Sydney which seems like stars...

How to plan your next dream vacation blog image

How to plan your next dream vacation

  Bora-Bora. Bondi Beach or Disneyland! Oh, the excitement that comes from traveling is universal. Just the thought of visiting the beautiful spots in one's home country or going on a trip abroad is brilliant. This year, resolutions aren't just for getting fit and healthy...

It's Time to Get Out & Smell The Coffee blog image

It's Time to Get Out & Smell The Coffee

For people with a disability there is often an extreme hesitation to take any form of International travel or going abroad to experience new things! OFTEN; they simply take for granted that a disability would be an obstacle in a completely foreign and unknown country. Talking...

South Island New Zealand blog image

South Island New Zealand

We have just had one of our groups return from New Zealand and the overall consensus was it a fantastic holiday. The best parts were speeding along on the Shot Over Jet boat, and the amazing scenery in the south of the Island.  The Cadbury Chocolate factory was amazing...

Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival blog image

Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival

This is the first time ClubMates has been to the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Music festival and it certainly wont be the last.  We have met some of the friendliest people and everyone has made us feel very welcome. We have been having a great time at the Jazz and Blues festival...

Crusin Country (another Great Tour returns) blog image

Crusin Country (another Great Tour returns)

On Saturday some very adventurous Country Music lovers returned from our holiday Cruisin Country.  When they arrived at the airport there was nothing but smiles and laughter plus lots of stories to share at the meeting point. Bill our tour leader said "They were a fantastic...