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The Magic Brought About by Traveling blog image

The Magic Brought About by Traveling

Thanks to the progression of the technology these days, more and more travelers with Autism enjoy the marvelous experiences gained from exploration, creating valuable memories that will continually inspire them for the rest of their lives.  But let's be honest. Some people...

Disneyland and Las Vegas Holiday Redefined blog image

Disneyland and Las Vegas Holiday Redefined

A thrilling day at the world’s most loved amusement park. An energizing zoo experience. An exciting trip on a vivacious strip…If you’re dreaming of having an international holiday with your loved ones, then booking a trip to USA through ClubMates Travel is a brilliant...

The Beauty Of the Bahamas blog image

The Beauty Of the Bahamas

So you think slacking off on the fine sands and aquamarine coloured water of the Bahamas is the only thing you could do in this marvelous destination? Taking pictures of the Instagram-worthy beauty of one of its beaches that has topnotch clarity, while posing in the middle...

The Three Hs of Adelaide blog image

The Three Hs of Adelaide

A historical, heavenly and haunted (what?!) holiday in Adelaide? Hmm…  Never imagined that you could get all those in one trip, right? But Australia’s 5th largest city vows to give you an awesome holiday break you truly deserve… When you choose to get your 2014 year-ender...

10 Must See Places In Tasmania! blog image

10 Must See Places In Tasmania!

Have you had the sweetest time of your life - literally? Then if not, hop on to the enthralling charisma of Tasmania and get ready for your wanderlust and your cravings for blissful treats to be satiated.Tasmania is beyond beautiful...Australia's pride in terms of heritage...

Sorrento: No Fuss. Just Pure Beauty blog image

Sorrento: No Fuss. Just Pure Beauty

We can't deny the fact that there are times when we just feel the need for a quick getaway. Something that's not too grandiose, yet not too dull and boring at that. Not a week-long trip that will take a chunk out of your annual leaves and not a quick overnight outing that...

Augusta: A Spectacular Paradox blog image

Augusta: A Spectacular Paradox

Travel experts say that a booking should be done 3 to 6 months away. So having that said, now is the perfect time to book your early 2015 adventure! If you're aiming for a vacation that allows you to relax, get pampered and discover the beauty of Australia then visiting...

Have a Gold Coast New Year Selfie! blog image

Have a Gold Coast New Year Selfie!

Everyone's looking forward to the upcoming year. The New Year is a very special time where families and friends reunite.  Aside from the fireworks displaying and all the partying, it’s the season where we express our generosity as well as our sense of gratitude, and the...

Trip Down the Memory Lane :Picturesque West Wyalong blog image

Trip Down the Memory Lane :Picturesque West Wyalong

The bygone gold rush,the pastoral structures and historic villages….reminds me of the vintage films of the early 1900s,the stained photos from long ago.Back then,life was different, just as John Denver(The Beetles) sang,‘life is old there’(Take Me Home, Country Roads) Yes,life...

Get Groovy for an Elvis Party! blog image

Get Groovy for an Elvis Party!

Who doesn't know the legendary Elvis Presley? Furthermore, who doesn't get astounded by his exceptional contribution to the music industry? Considered as the most influential music icon of all time, fans around the world incessantly express their love and adoration for...

Flowery Floriade Festival blog image

Flowery Floriade Festival

Come and join this year’s Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra Commonwealth Park with ClubMates Travel to witness Australia’s Celebration of Spring! Stop and smell the fragrance of a million blooming flowers in over 4 hectares of fertile soil. Each of these flowers were...

Magic of the Blue Mountains blog image

Magic of the Blue Mountains

Experience the natural beauty of New South Wales, Australia’s Blue Mountains. See the magnificent panorama of the Blue Mountains, where locals spend their weekend holidays to experience the relaxing, yet once treacherous way of life in the highlands. Visit the Zig Zag...

North Coast:Memorable Adventure blog image

North Coast:Memorable Adventure

Wanna go bananas? The North Coast Adventure will take you to a banana plantation that has a magnificient giant banana sculpture ! The Big Banana as it is called-was one of the first 150 Big Things in Australia, with a size of 43 by 16 ft. Hey,there is also the banana-themed...

Create Your Own Holiday Destination! blog image

Create Your Own Holiday Destination!

Have you been pinning a myriad list of things to do and have not had the time to actually do it? Now is the time to go for it! Yes ladies and gentlemen, ClubMates Travel is in the process of developing new holidays for your pleasure! ClubMates is preparing  your dream...