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Top 5 Summer Activities for Persons With a Disability

Written by: Iris

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Now that the summer season in Australia has set in, locals and visitors can definitely enjoy the soothing weather in the southern hemisphere. The months of December to February may be wintry or cool for the most part of the world--but in Australia, blue skies, calm waters, and a truly pleasant weather are just some of the awesome things that await you! Let your skin glisten and allow your eyes to sparkle in the Australian summertime!


As the sixth largest country in the world, and being considered the largest country in the region of Oceania, it's guaranteed that you won't have a shortage of amazing things to do and exciting spots to explore at the Land Down Under. The size of the country isn't overwhelming, but the vastness brings out the enthusiasm for a one-of-a-kind holiday like no other. Make your visit even better and more worthwhile by travelling around the country during summer. It's true that you'd get to enjoy Australia anytime--but isn't it nice to visit the country when the weather is sultry and to get a glimpse of the views when they are at their best?


The Australian climate varies as there are "four seasons across most of the country and a wet and dry season in the tropical north." Australia has been blessed with these seasons that provide distinct experiences and travel enjoyment year round to tourists, making the country's tourism stronger than ever. Without a doubt, anyone can have fun and genuinely immerse in the beauty of Australia year round, no matter what the season is. 


For you or a loved one who has a disability, there are tons of options to be enjoyed and discovered. As most of the attractions in Australia are now wheelchair friendly and accessible, more and more travellers with a disability can fully enjoy their pursuits, whether as a group, with a carer, or travelling independently so it’s best to consider the weather in Australia on your travel planning.


Here are five summer activities for persons with a disability:



Park and Winery Experience


With a plethora of theme parks, national parks, and nature reserves, summer is just the perfect time to go camping or glamping at the country's illustrious national parks, sans the risk of getting wet from the heavy rains and the inconvenience of muddy paths and tracks. There's a myriad of choices for the best national parks to camp. The Kakadu National showcases the most breathtaking rock formations. The Blue Mountains National Park is accessible and has wheelchair-friendly camping sites like the Perry's Lookdown Campground and the Echo Point Lookout which is also fully wheelchair accessible and has two accessible toilets. Disconnect from your daily routine and online activities and reconnect with yourself as you get enveloped by the emerald velvet-like trees and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the night sky with a just-about-right nighttime climate!


Australia rich viticulture is also evident in the most magnificent wineries that produce the world's best wines. The oldest wine region in Australia--the Hunter Valley--is where the iconic Semillon wine is produced. Margaret River Region wineries are family-friendly and disabled access, and wheelchair-friendly accommodations are also available. Have a taste of the world's best Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Shiraz as you bask in the endless array of the stunning vineyards!



Beach Escapes


Enjoy the warmth of the summer weather as you take a plunge to the sparkling Australian sea! According to CoverMore, "Australia is home to over 10,000 beaches and if you were to visit a new one every day it would take you 27 years!" And although you may not be able to visit an Australian beach each day for 27 years, the opportunity to swim and bask in some of the best beaches in Australia will already make your dream beach escapade a reality. Enjoy the lively vibe at the Bondi Beach or appreciate Manly’s laid back atmosphere. Unleash the inner kid in you as you have fun at the man-made beach at Streets Beach in Brisbane. See yourself in the midst of paradise at the Whitehaven Beach or ride a camel along the white sand Cable Beach, Western Australia. Or better yet, visit Cairns and swim on the Great Barrier Reef and indulge in the teeming Australian marine life!


Our very own Southern Australia Cruise allows you to be drifted away to the majestic beauty of South Australia with the comforts from a well-appointed cabin onboard and nightly entertainment options plus a visit to Kangaroo Island's aquamarine waters and some shopping!



Outback Escapades

Witness the country's raw beauty and engage in a stirring time at some of the best outback destinations! An outback trip is undeniably exciting, and even if you're in for an adventurous experience at Australia's remote places, an outback experience provides a meaningful and inspiring time to a traveller with a disability. Places such as Uluru is accessible and the paths as well as the viewing areas are ideal for wheelchair users. Since most outback tours in Australia are offered to be enjoyed by everyone and are fully accessible, wheelchair users and travellers with a disability can delight in this not-to-be-missed experience that the country is known for.



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Historical Journeys

Australia houses the world's legendary historical sites and the most famed attractions centred on culture. Summer is the perfect time to set foot on these historic landmarks. Explore the National Anzac Centre in Western Australia which houses the memorabilias and artefacts in honor of the Anzacs of the First World War. The well-preserved convict site, the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, is a World Heritage-listed site and is one of the world's most significant convict era locations. Another must-visit, the Australian National Maritime Museum doesn't only house around 140,000 historic artefacts, but the museum also offers different kinds of exhibitions and endeavours such as the Sail Endeavour where you could learn how to sail a tall ship and experience an 18th century blue water sailing! Or, set yourself for a fascinating and highly educative indigenous cultural experiences at the Gold Coast with Aboriginal performances, interpretive tours, and learning more about the diversity of the Aboroginal culture and tradition.



Cruising Getaways


Sample the mouthwatering cuisines and lose yourself in the indescribable feeling of a cruising adventure! A cruising holiday has all the most gorgeous travel experiences rolled into one, and it is best enjoyed on warm sunny days. Holidaymakers with a disability can be assured of the best sunset views, visits to exotic islands, pampering experiences, and daily fun-filled entertainment activities onboard!


Cruising is indeed one of the most ideal summer activities for persons with a disability as most cruises are wheelchair-friendly, have accessible accommodations, accessible toilets, and other important facilities that cater to a traveller with a disability, ensuring the holidaymaker to gain the best holiday memories that are sure to last a lifetime. ClubMates Travel's Mare Christmas Cruise will give you a unique Christmas cruising experience at the tropical island of Mare in New Caledonia!


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See the bucket-list worthy destinations in Australia and be inspired by a life-changing experience of a remarkable summer holiday. Allow ClubMates Travel to be a part of achieving your dream summer getaway Down Under! See our Australian supported holidays and international supported holidays to the world's most fabulous destinations here: ClubMates Travel Supported Holidays  







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