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King Croc: Get the Most Amazing Wildlife Holiday with ClubMates Travel!

Written by: Iris

King Croc: Get the Most Amazing Wildlife Holiday with ClubMates Travel! post image

"Plenty" is  an understatement when we talk about the  choices ClubMates Travel could offer. Every travel itinerary is carefully tailored to perfectly suit each traveler's preferences: stimulating their enthusiasm to what they truly enjoy and incorporating additional tours where they could experience and discover something new and fresh.One of the itineraries that ClubMates Travel is truly proud of is Australia's dynamic wildlife. You'll realize that a chance to showcase the country’s incredible animals is something  frequently featured on their listings- what a great way to celebrate the different facets of life! Aside from the popular creatures that can only be found in Australia, the crocodiles are a special type of species that attracts both travel aficionados and animal lovers to witness their characteristics and learn more about their behaviors; and the famous crocs from Australia have just recently made a name in the wildlife and tourism industry- internationally.



One of the world's largest reptile and Queensland, Australia's pride, KingCroc, along with her companion, Queen Croc, will find their new home at the largest shopping mall in Dubai,after being  together for 20 years!Aside from housing the world’s tallest building, Dubai has now welcomingly accommodated King Croc, which is the biggest crocodile in the world to date. The couple is expected to be the focal point of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is situated at the Dubai Mall. Their new home is fully equipped to make their transition easy and for their abode to still maintain that "home sweet home" feel. A pool with a 150 squaremeter size is all theirs to frolic on and the water temperature is fully regulated to resemble their natural habitat. It is projected that KingCroc would still grow larger in the next 50 years so a bigger pool sizemight just await the couple; heated tiles where the pair could laze off (and cuddle!), as well as an artificial breezesystem so they could dwell comfortably. Kookaburra birds were also included to their home, so the two could still hear the sounds they are accustomed with.The temperature is highly controlled and is being monitored regularly. Aside from these elements which showthat the couple's safety is indeed a top priority, acrylic glass and hydraulic gates that ensure the stability of their abode’s structure given King Croc's massive size and agility are constructed.

Due to a change in environment, it was anticipated earlier that King Croc will not feed for at least a month, but here’s the good news- they have adjusted rapidly and King Croc had his first meal a couple of weeks ago!

“They have settled in really well to their new surroundings and are feeding normally,” said Paul Hamilton, the head curator at the aquarium. Looks like the celebrity couple are now happy with their new home!

With the most pampering, incredibly comfortable and nature-identical habitat, alongside being with the other animals and meeting new people(and fans!), the power couple may not be missing home that much.



King and Queen Croc may have gained a spot in UAE, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to behold the grandness of their kind. Check out the listings below to see King and Queen Crocs’ family!

Crocodile Adventures

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Visit Crocosaurus Cove and see some of the largest crocodiles right in the heart of the city and the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles!

Sunset Markets

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Make your way to Berry Springs to the Territory Wildlife Park whereyou can view the wildlife up close, take a walk around the lagoon, gointo the walk-through aquarium to view the amazing aquatic life and
come nose to nose with a giant saltwater crocodile!


Sunshine Coast

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Watch a crocodile show and see the amazing things a croc could do! You’d get surprised and entertained for sure!

The Australian crocs have proven once more how world class Australian wildlife is. See their  immense size and astonishing qualities.Let ClubMates Travel fulfill your next wildlife adventure! Book your next croc-filled trip at ClubMates Travel now!


*Primary Image Source by Eelffica thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.