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Get Groovy for an Elvis Party!

Written by: Iris

Get Groovy for an Elvis Party! post image

Who doesn't know the legendary Elvis Presley? Furthermore, who doesn't get astounded by his exceptional contribution to the music industry?


Considered as the most influential music icon of all time, fans around the world incessantly express their love and adoration for Elvis; the non-followers still convey their respect to the well-renowned star. Amusing events that celebrate his music are done here and there, and festivities that remember the King of Rock and Roll’s musical prowess take place all over the world. Have you become a part of one of the said happenings? If you're a hardcore Elvis fanatic, chances are, you'd  have probably have replied with a big "Yes!" in the proudest way possible. But what if I told you an Elvis event still has room to be included in your 2015 plans-still pending and awaiting an action? What if you're already determined to have fun with one but don't really have any idea on where or how to start?

Here's the good news, ClubMates Travel is more than happy to give you the most unforgettable experience of having an Elvis-filled ‘rock n roll’ holiday! What a great way to pay tribute to your favourite musician!

Happening on the 6th of January in 2015 at the town of Parkes in NSW, the Elvis Festival includes 150 individual events that will surely quench your thirst for Elvis fête that you've always been looking forward to. The festival will also give you an exciting experience of listening to Elvis Presley's greatest hits while singing and dancing in the streets and even on stage! Expect Parkes getting jam-packed with surprising Elvis and Priscilla impersonators as well as die-hard fans (just like you!). Get loads of fun watching the Elvis concerts and be entertained by the “Miss Priscilla Big Hair Competition” and the "Back to the Altar with Elvis-Renewal of Wedding Vows". You will make a friend or two for sure! Retail therapy is fun! While wandering through the main street, enjoy the local goodies and be sure to purchase some special souvenirs for your family and friends back home! Are you passionate about Astronomy or you just want to get relaxed and stunned by the tranquil sight of the sky at night? The Dish at the Parkes Observatory is there to provide that unperturbed experience of looking thru the telescope and getting captivated by the Earth's immense beauty. Have a happy tummy with the scrumptious local dining and be enthralled by the natural splendor of Parkes.


So don't forget to bring your blue suede shoes and jumpsuit, and prepare yourself for the most energizing seven nights of your life. Oh, and expect your camera getting packed with lots of happy snapshots that comprise your most memorable Elvis holiday!

Watch your favourite artist come alive as you indulge yourself on a Post-New Year getaway that will surely make you glee with satisfaction  throughout your 1 week-Elvis-immersed vacation! Relive the memories of celebrating your most enjoyable vacation topped with everything Elvis-inspired. He may be gone for a long time now, but transforming his memories into something that inspires you and allowing his music to make you sway away with life's beautiful notes, the King of Rock and Roll will live forever. Count yourselves in at the Elvis Festival and let ClubMates Travel arrange the perfect Elvis trip for you and your group. Click the link below to book your tour now.


*Primary Image Source by callumramsay thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.