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Cruising Through the Land of Contradictions

Written by: Iris

Cruising Through the Land of Contradictions post image

So why does Asia seem so irresistible? While it's pretty clear that the most populated continent on Earth sweeps us off our feet, we cannot seem to get enough of the overabundance of reasons on why we cannot stop getting all excited when Asian countries that are packed with breathtaking travel destinations are spoken about. Not only has Asia become a very friendly choice for holidays for people with disabilities, but it appears that the tropical climate of most countries in Asia is just perfect for us who want to relish the liberating feeling of baring our skin; to sweat, and to get subtly baked by the appealing sultriness of the weather. Our interests and curiosity seem to get amplified by the distinct culture that embody each country, which comprise this perfectly-formed continent- two regions may be very much close to each other with regards to proximity, but may have completely dissimilar beliefs and traditions. So fascinating! The hospitality is also a distinguishing characteristic when you visit these jewels. The incredible architectural designs of the quintessential buildings and structures, and the history behind these edifices, make our Asian experience ultimately memorable. The natural attractions that are splattered everywhere are too bewitching to be ignored. The surfeit of the lush foliage, the unsullied greenery and the handsome charm of the beaches are sure to please. It’s true, Asia is a land of contrasts.


Are you all prepped up to have a taste of exotic Asia? Might as well do it in the most relaxing and pampering fashion! Cruise your way to the largest continent in the world and set yourself for the rich culture and the sumptuousness of the natural beauty that Asia evokes. See these Asian cruising packages from ClubMates Cruising for whatever length of cruising that will make you the happiest!


Sunset in Borneo

Image Source: adampaulclay / 25 images and can be reused under the CC BY license.


10-NIGHT Fling with Paradise : Embark in Singapore and then sail on the immensely transcendent South China Sea! Step onto the heavenly white sands of the immaculate and desolate beaches found on the Natuna Archipelago, which is comprised by 272 islands peppered between Borneo and the Malaysian Peninsula. Then prepare yourself for a glorious voyage at the Java Sea, on your way to the most popular island in Indonesia- Bali.




Image Source: PublicDomainPictures / 18360 images via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


14-NIGHTS of Unadulterated, Exotic Escape: Have a quick tour around Singapore before you enjoy a well-appointed and heaving journey aboard the blossoming MS Volendam, which is dressed with an artful floral motif, expressed throughout the ship's airy public rooms and stylish staterooms. Get ready to be mesmerized by the iconic structures, world-famous beaches and awesome markets where you could get a feel on how retail therapy goes in Asia. Traverse around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, Brunei.



Sri Lanka

Image Source: KB1003 / 1 image via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


18-NIGHTS in Pure Bliss: While seated on the plane to Colombo, Sri Lanka, feel free to set your hopes too high! Why? Well, what else would you do aboard an exemplary cruise ship with 5-star amenities as your vessel in exploring the opulent splendor and rich culture of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore? Absolute captivation is in the bag!



Phuket, Thailand

Image Source: Thailand 2012 via Photopin and can be reused under the CC BY license.


28-NIGHTS of Genuine Enchantment:  With the ship's flower-patterned theme, you'd surely take a breather aboard the exquisite MS Volendam. Warm up yourself first at the prominent Raffles Hotel in Singapore for this cruising escapade. Get enticed by the beaches of Penang, Malaysia, before heading for another delightful journey in Phuket, Thailand. Cross the sparkling, turquoise sea to Vietnam and Hong Kong and take pleasure in the most fulfilling 28-nights of your life.



Kek Lok Si Temple

Image Source: Hobbyfoto / 20 images via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


30-NIGHTS of Thrill and Relaxation:  Make this month-long Asian vacation draw attention to your travel life! See the sights within the vibrant city of Singapore before you visit Malaysia's Kek Lok Si- Southeast Asia's largest Buddhist temple. Wander along the dreamy beaches that outline Phuket, Thailand and then visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto Malai in Langkawi, Malaysia. Afterwards, prime yourself for the splendorous spots around Indonesia.



Cheju Island

Image Source: kimsuna / 5 images via Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


45-NIGHT, Jovial Journey:  Don't forget to go shopping first in Little India in Singapore before you step onto the refined MS Volendam, whilst being greeted by the magnificent sculpture at the ship’s entrance, made by the legendary  Luciano Vistosi that commences your cheerful 45-night journey to the west on cloud nine! From temples, to nightclubs, Thailand will surely wow! Cruise to the inviting country of Vietnam, and to the most populous city in the world, Shanghai. The spectacular Cheju Island in South Korea is set to take your breath away, before you fall in love with the famous attractions in Japan. Then the gorgeous city of Vancouver is set to wrap your exciting East-Meets-West journey up!               


No matter how long you want your cruising adventure to last, you are surely guaranteed to have the most incredible experience ever! See more stunning cruising packages HERE.


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Well at least now, we don't need to question why this region beguiles everyone. And the fact that there's more to discover and a lot of things to be in love with this Mother Earth’s magnum opus make us so keen. Cruising is suited to any type of holidaymakers and is indeed one of the perfect holidays for people with disabilities. Receive a royal kind of treatment aboard a luxurious cruise ship, at the heart of the sapphire-coloured waters.  Feel the sea breeze stroking your cheeks and hair. Get astounded while staring at the calm sea, as it glistens under the golden rays of the sun during sunset. Make your cruising escapade ensue in Asia soon!


PRIMARY IMAGE SOURCE: reverent / 227 images via Pixabay  and can be reused under the CC BY license.