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An Oasis of Unsullied Relaxation

Written by: Iris

An Oasis of Unsullied Relaxation post image

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you feel physically and emotionally exhausted from the daily grind? Do you need to destress from your hectic routine and busy schedule? Do the hustle and bustle of the city life and demands from your responsibilities draw you to dive into a daydream, of being transported into a secluded, unexplored place, ready to provide you with a shroud of invigoration and tranquility that you need? Does the thought of jumping into a new escapade leave you breathless and awestruck?


Well, you certainly need a break! But you don't just need a quick jaunt to escape from it all — you deserve one of the wondrous supported holidays to South Australia, Victoria or NZ, that is thoughtfully designed and brilliantly planned to make you get more out of your well-earned journey!


ClubMates Travel offers tailor-made holidays that include specialized support structures which are guaranteed to grant you with the gift of ultimate relaxation and diverse exploration; a life-changing experience that will surely remove all the stress, worries and dullness from your spirit! Allow these November holidays that are dripping with fun and laced with excitement uplift you holistically!



Glaciers of the South Island


When reveling in the world-famous attractions, expect that the famed glaciers of New Zealand are brought up. They are the epitome of natural splendor — with an imperial, untouched beauty. They may perhaps remind you of the breathtaking wallpapers that you have set on your computer or smartphone. The experience of simply looking at the majestic mountains, crowned with the immaculate glaciers, and dappled with the picturesque views of the formations seemingly draped with a virgin white cloak is truly magical. It's like you are carried away to a heavenly place; the vastness of it and its spectacular views provide a total visual gratification…


The glaciers are indeed the centre of this holiday, but you may also discover the endless possibilities on your South Island journey by taking a peek into the yesteryears at the Shanty Town, as you immerse yourself in history and in the simplicity of the bucolic life of the past. Then go ahead and explore the Puzzling World and be baffled, puzzled and bewildered by all of the enjoyable weirdness; truly something exciting to spice up your enchanting and unforgettable time in NZ!





Mt. Gambier and Surrounds


It is difficult to describe the Mt. Gambier and Surrounds tour. Yes, it is a relaxed holiday, full of laid back sight-seeing activities and calming cruising escapades; but it bursts with a plentiful of relaxing and compelling opportunities that will make you love Australia even more. Capturing the glory of the 12 Apostles, pampering yourself into an indulgent cruise along the Glenelg River, and basking in the magnificence of the Blue Lake — like staring on splattered turquoise crystals and sapphire-hued diamonds. Get to appreciate this region even more by venturing up to the Centenary Tower to see the idyllic vistas and dramatic panoramas in Mount Gambier. These are definitely the highlights of this holiday...


Yet, there is more to the area than this soothing haven. Be prepared to be both empowered and fascinated by the culture and wonders of history as you visit the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, and while you explore the RSL Museum. Spectacular sights and vibrant history truly abound in this amazing quest!





Warrnambool Fishing Frenzy


Ahh...  Journeying along the Great Ocean Road, traveling in this head-turning coastal drive, and seeing the flawless majesty of the world-famous sea cliffs are enough to discern the true meaning of 'bliss'. Even if you have set your eyes upon the marvelous 12 Apostles multiple times before, the fascination remains, and you will still be enticed to revisit this legendary spot. Just simply soaking up into its dreamy views engulfed by the sparkling waters and effervescent skies makes it incomparable to anything else in the world. By merely taking a glimpse of it provides you with a feeling of gratefulness and appreciation — that you are fortunate enough to be blessed with that encounter of savoring the consummate beauty of it.

The Great Ocean Road is the best part of this travel, but the other escapades like fishing, boating, cable tram riding, your timeless trip around the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, and the refresing  lake-fishing experience in Camperdown and Colac are also bound to wow you!



Don't let the daily stress of life dull your sparkle! Let these November getaways provide you with a distinctly extraordinary holiday! Allow your learning experiences, the desirable adventures, painted with unadulterated relaxation form a genuine kind of attachment to the memories that you have gained from these getaways. Make sure that you don't get overwhelmed planning for that relaxing retreat that you deserve. Contact ClubMates Travel now and let us help you organize that unperturbed holiday that you have been dreaming of!

Go ahead and discover your own sanctuary amid these mesmerizing supported holidays to South Australia, Victoria or NZ, only from ClubMates Travel!



*Primary Image Source: Profotos-de / 61 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Creative Commons licence.