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Why We Are Moving More to Online Advertising This Pandemic

With the current lockdowns in place across NSW and VIC and the ever-present risk in all other states that are in lockdown, it is becoming more essential to provide up-to-date and flexible information online. The pandemic has made the forced business dependent on social media and online advertising to keep their passengers and clients informed. Moving to the digital space is no longer an option, it has become a prerequisite for surviving COVID-19.

 Many businesses that used to run vigorous offline marketing campaigns have turned to the digital space to adapt to the changing environment. Travel companies, for one, have moved to online advertising and social media to survive the pandemic. This adaption has not only helped them reach wider audiences with small budgets but has also had a favorable impact on the environment.

 Here are the reasons why ClubMates Travel is moving more to online advertising and providing information using different web-based platforms: 


Offline marketing mostly revolves around print advertising that is associated with high carbon footprint and deforestation. About 40% of the world's timber used in the commercial sector goes to paper production for print advertisements i.e. billboards, newspaper display advertising, etc. Digital marketing has helped mitigate the environmental damage associated with advertisements by decreasing the global carbon footprint. 

Wider Reach

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing allows you to reach a wider audience, extending to different regions and countries. An ad placed on social media such as on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, etc. can help reach more people in a day than a billboard can in a month. As social media expands beyond, businesses are using it to reach new audiences.


Digital marketing is more cost effective compared to its offline counterpart. With social media ads, you can reach thousands of people quickly and easily. Social media ads do pretty much the same job as billboards, promotional events, and other offline advertising methods at reduced cost. Due to the financial impacts of the pandemic, this method of marketing can help businesses strengthen their brand reputation while cutting costs to sustain their businesses and maintain employees’ jobs.

Safer Choice During the Pandemic 

The reduction of face-to-face transactions lessens the probability of contracting and spreading the virus. This is beneficial to the safety of both passengers and their support networks. The traditional marketing methods and promotional events were great and effective before the pandemic—yet online bookings, digital communications, and e-payments are now the safest and an easier way of accessing services.

 Now more than ever, most businesses and their employees are able to work remotely. Consumers are now getting informed through various websites and social media platforms, do digital transactions, book for a supported holiday online, or buy essentials from the comfort and safety of their homes. Internet advertising, online booking, and contactless payments are seemingly becoming the backbone of businesses during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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 ClubMates Travel is now working towards utilising the online world for communication and marketing so it can reduce its carbon footprint, reach more passengers, and provide up-to-date information quickly and easily. We are also very aware of our passengers within the disability sector and the barriers to using social media, but we are working with the disability travel sector to build a bridge between the passengers with disabilities and their disability supports assisting them to access these new, and at times very exciting ways of communication.

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