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Northern Territory’s Most Sensational Places to Visit

Australia has so many unique tourist attractions, magical locations, delicious cuisines, and wildlife. There is an incredible plethora of regions with sensational destinations that boast heavenly attractions such as expansive vineyards, unspoilt beaches, lush nature reserves, not to mention its strong history and a pulsating art scene. All these and more have unsurprisingly made Australia a country worthy of a visit.

However, the Northern Territory stands out from the rest of Australia because of the rich culture of the local regions, the beautiful wetlands, aboriginal sites, rock gorges, vast deserts, rivers, and the monsoonal rains.

Below are some of the top attraction sites in the NorthernTerritory where you can try a heritage tour, take some snapshots of the outback’s raw charm, or simply indulge in a relaxing time in an awesome NT getaway!

1.    Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The park has Uluru, a red monolith rising from the desert which stands at 348m high. 40km away from Uluru lies Kata Tjuta, which are red dome-shaped sandstone rocks. These rocks have spiritual significance to Anangu people—the traditional owners. Uluru Kata Tjuta are prominent natural landmarks and a must-visit when planning your holiday. Indigenous guided walks, tours, outback dining, and witnessing the sunrise/sunset make this one of the central Australia a popular holiday destinations.

2.    Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest national park. It has mangrove swamps, river estuaries, tall rain forests, vast wildlife, and famous waterfalls namely Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. This UNESCO World Heritage–listed park also has Aboriginal rock art and sacred aboriginal sites that you should explore. If you lean towards an exciting excursion while being enveloped by the rich flora and fauna, you will find genuine bliss here.

3.    Litchfield National Park

There are gorgeous springs and waterfalls along the Tabletop track at Litchfield National Park. There are outback bush surrounding the waterfalls and the open woodlands. You can bushwalk, explore Wangi Falls, swim in the many swimming holes and plunge pools, or see the ruins of the Blythe homestead. Bask in a multitude of adventure while being nestled in this park’s lushness and raw beauty at its finest.

4.    Tiwi Islands

These tropical islands have Aboriginal Culture galore, great fishing spots, and beautiful beaches. You can experience the indigenous cultures as local tribes welcome visitors with traditional dance and song ceremonies. Tiwi Islands is a group of two inhabited islands (Melville Island and Bathurst), and nine uninhabited ones. It is not only an excellent choice for fishing travelers but also perfect for holidaymakers wanting to simply enjoy this island’s tapestry of tranquility.

 5.    Simpsons Gap

Simpsons Gap houses diverse environs and incredible wildlife which includes the black-footed rock-wallaby. Bush-walking, sightseeing, guided tours, and more await at Cassia Hill, swimming at the stunning deep gorges, exhilarating trail walks and hiking at the Larapinta Trail and Larapinta Valley, are just some of the fascinating activities to do as you explore the magical gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges.

 The Northern Territory is not only world-famous for its breathtaking, distinctive beauty, but the region is also blessed with the Crocodile, Australia’s link to prehistoric times. Natural formations that hold spiritual and cultural significance to the tribes in the area are not just educational but fascinating to see and explore. You will have a magical supported holiday offering great opportunities to learn about the rich cultures of the many tribes residing there while indulging in the picturesque views.

There are so many places to discover so don’t let a disability stop you from exploring this adventurous part of Australia. Disability holidays can provide some of the most amazing experiences and memories.

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  Image: Meg Jerrard via Unsplash