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The Great Bathurst 1000 blog image

The Great Bathurst 1000

Car racing, being in a contest of speed in which the aggressive race-car riders try to reach a set goal excites everyone to no end. If you're a racing enthusiast who's rooting for your favourite driver, be sure to give your support. The loud cheers from the crowd are bound...

Floriade Festival 2018 blog image

Floriade Festival 2018

See the flower exhibits that are lined, filled, and peppered with the lovely tulips and other gorgeous flora, watch the stunning divergence of colours, savor the sweet, baked orange scent of springtime, and be inspired as you enjoy your Canberra holiday at the Australia's...

5 Brilliant Ways to Spend Your October Holiday blog image

5 Brilliant Ways to Spend Your October Holiday

A slice of paradise here on Earth, Australia is truly blessed with numerous postcard-worthy destinations—both popular and secluded—that are bound to provide you with lots of delightful experiences! Watch the orange-coloured sky change its colours during the golden...

Fun and Dreamy Holidays in May blog image

Fun and Dreamy Holidays in May

This year, be prepared to smell the aroma of the sea, to enjoy the crisp scent of the trees, and to let the cool kisses of the wind stroke your cheeks. Gather priceless memories as you realise what peace and bliss is all about. Go on a fantastic adventure that will leave...

Extraordinary Ways to Spend Your NYE blog image

Extraordinary Ways to Spend Your NYE

The Christmas season and New Year's Eve bring the most awaited times which can be spent by the family members, friends and other individuals for bonding moments and meaningful experiences that help them improve their capabilities, character and values, all while keeping...

An Oasis of Pure Relaxation blog image

An Oasis of Pure Relaxation

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you feel physically and emotionally exhausted from the daily grind? Do you need to destress from your hectic routine and busy schedule? Do the hustle and bustle of the city life and demands from your responsibilities draw you to dive into a...

5 Holidays That Will Refresh Your Year blog image

5 Holidays That Will Refresh Your Year

Really, it’s pretty easy to just stay home, go on a TV marathon and spend hours binge-watching; play computer games, or simply get hooked liking those wonderful Facebook and Instagram posts on your feed. Not that there’s anything wrong with staying in the comforts of...

Seascapes and August Adventures blog image

Seascapes and August Adventures

Stop. Smell the flowers. Look up at the beautfil display of trees and listen to the crackling noise of the branches. Stare at the bright yet comforting rays of sunshine. Let the warm weather hold you in its arms, or get tickled by the cool breeze. You may not know it,...

A Mid-Year Enchantment blog image

A Mid-Year Enchantment

Go on a mid-year travel delight that's filled with fun, excitement and adventure with ClubMates Travel! July is the perfect time to explore the refreshing attractions with the supported holidays to NSW, a memorable journey around the beauty of Victoria, and also an excellent...

May Magnificence: A Fiesta of Fun Supported Holidays blog image

May Magnificence: A Fiesta of Fun Supported Holidays

Dive into a pool of bliss and euphoria as you embark on a journey of a lifetime this May! Australia is bound to wow you with all the unrivaled splendor that the Land Down Under is set to offer-  and ClubMates Travel is here to provide you with the best supported holiday...

Your Dream Culinary Getaway blog image

Your Dream Culinary Getaway

Are you planning to soak up in a culinary-centred holiday that is showered with gastronomic escapades, historical journeys and relaxing activities, all while enjoying the rest of the gustatory treats Australia has to offer? If you are then ClubMates Travel will literally...

The Most Awe-Inspiring Supported Holidays in March blog image

The Most Awe-Inspiring Supported Holidays in March

Lose yourselves in the dazzling holidays offered by ClubMates Travel during the decadent month of March! The supported holidays touring in this month is infused with numerous activities and countless explorations across the hottest attractions in Australia as you revel...

Plan for a Divine Valentine Getaway Now blog image

Plan for a Divine Valentine Getaway Now

When it comes to romantic destinations and drop-dead gorgeous hideaways, Australia is, without a doubt, a favourite. This jewel has so much to offer, as it bursts with plenty of destinations that truly express the amorous vibe and syrupy atmosphere that couples, families...

Two Ways to Celebrate NYE in Australia blog image

Two Ways to Celebrate NYE in Australia

Are you leaning towards celebrating your New Year 2017 in a more stimulating and extraordinarily pleasing fashion, while maximising it all at the same time? ClubMates Travel offers thrilling travel packages and wheelchair holidays that are set to make your New Year noteworthy...