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Our story

ClubMates Travel special needs travel agencywas founded in 1988, its former name was Ozmates Travel Pty Ltd. We started as a small but focused service, specialising in taking people with a mild to moderate intellectual disability on holidays that requested supported holidays within Australia. In 2006, Peter Negri acquired the company and was asked by the passengers if it was possible to do more adventurous holidays both in Australia and overseas. With no preconceived ideas, Peter went to work to develop a market-leading supported travel booking company and tour operator, catering for a much wider range of supported holidays. ClubMates is now a well-established global disability travel tourcompany, proud to help anyone wanting assisted Travel in the creation and enjoyment of fulfilling a perfect unsupported or supported holiday.

Our Helpful Crew in trips for disabled adults

Our crew

ClubMates crew members’ presence is to ensure passengers will have fun on their holidays and provide safety and comfort for the duration of the holiday. ClubMates staff are trained to administer medication, assist with budgeting, and if required, provide more personalized care. Whatever is needed, everyone at ClubMates Travel ensures it is taken care of with dignity and skill. From the moment you call ClubMates, to the last kilometre of the passenger’s supported holiday, the company’s 50-strong team of friendly travel agents and experienced support staff are there for you and your family.


Our Commitment

The ClubMates Travel Commitment forms the core of our business, and it exists for a number of crucial reasons: it guides our staff on a daily basis; it instils confidence in our passengers, their families and friends; and it ensures that we deliver a consistent, high-quality service which endures from the first phone call to the last leg of the holiday.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable travel agents will answer your enquires and make suggestions accommodating the passenger’s interests, wishes and disability

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Passengers will receive the support they require, with privacy and dignity. Preferences will always take into account

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Earn Travel Points and you can use them for discounts on future holidays with Clubmates.

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Global Citizenship

At ClubMates Travel we are extremely conscious about the footprints we leave behind as a global company, being aware and careful about how we impact the communities that we work within is something that we believe is important. With each person we take on holidays and many destinations we explore we strive to leave it a better place and in better condition than it was before we visited. We value Eco Tourism and work towards being a good corporate citizen.

Group Holidays for Disabled People

Diverse Culture

We strived to create a workforce that represent the places we visit, and the communities we support. We believe it is of paramount importance that our company is represented by people of different genders, disabilities, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and belief systems. However, we are adamant that it’s not just a case of ticking boxes, we believe that diversity is also achieved at a more grass roots level. Clubmates is always looking for people with different communication styles, problem solving skills, personal interests, and backgrounds to join our company. We realise the importance of strong recruitment policies to ensure diversity is achieved. After the recruitment process, that all our employees feel valued and provide an offering to enhance the business and people we support.

ClubMates Travel Inclusive workforce

Inclusive workforce

Clubmates wants its staff to feel like they belong, and have a career path set out in front of them with the chance of progression within the company and the disability sector. Company Managing Director, Peter Negri, stresses that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.’ It’s a simple principle, but one that has been vital in acting as a foundation for Clubmates successfully integrated workforce. Peter also believes that all work should be enjoyable and fulfilling for the staff, and that everyone should feel like an important part of the team.


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