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Clubmates Travel Supported Holidays

Enabling Local, National And Worldwide Supported Travel

Clubmates Travel is the leading name in international supported holidays for people with a disability, trusted by passengers by over 26 years. At Clubmates Travel, we cater for anyone with a disability by providing them with the holiday they have always wanted. We aim to deliver in three simple steps:

We Listen To Your Needs

We Listen

Our team carefully assess what kind of holiday are you looking for.

We Assess Your Needs

We Assess

Our team assess what kind of support is needed to make that holiday happen.

We Support All Individuals

We Support

Our crew members support you on the holiday of a lifetime.

Individual & Small Group Tours

So you love the idea of travelling with the ultimate flexibility, and really enjoy having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, so why not let Clubmates design and assist you on your perfect individualised holiday.

The destinations have been many and varied from local destination 1-2 hours from passenger's homes to long haul holidays such as South Africa viewing the amazing wild animals in Kruger National Park, England with all the well-known tourist attractions such as the tower of London, Buckingham palace, and Portugal that is renowned for its cultural diversity.

The skill and dedication in developing these holidays by the Clubmates team is second to none, we endeavour to make all the parts of the holiday as smooth and easy as possible.

Choosing the right mode of transport

Each mode of transport is assessed for its reliability, safety and accessibility before booking occurs.

If there is a holiday/vacation that has limited accessibility it will be noted on the itinerary and the travel consultant will inform the passenger or person assisting with the booking.

Each holiday/vacation has set modes of transport and at times these are not flexible but if a passenger has specific requirements it must be discussed at the time of booking.

If the passenger has limited mobility it is important to discuss requirements at the time of booking so that the correct measures are in place for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment of the holiday.

From Our Blog & News

Clubmates Travel has a talented content creator with our team to continually update our customers on the vast range of disability holidays we have on offer.

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Peter's update - An update from our director

Peter with Tim

Let me say a big, thank you to the passengers that travelled with us over the past 12 months and “Welcome!” to the new passengers that we will meet in the next 12 months. It is the most rewarding feeling giving our passengers the holiday of a lifetime!

Another year and some great memories along with very happy passengers that have had the holiday of a lifetime. Within the supported holiday sector, it is always important to be able to offer more holidays with good variety when on route or at our final destinations.


I don't think anyone can deny that the introduction has been a very turbulent time and has made some very significant changes to how the sector operates. At ClubMates, we are constantly learning and developing with the many changes the NDIS brings and each of our booking agents has had training in the basics of what can be offered via the NDIS funding. To date, we have seen supported holidays claimed in part and we expect that the NDIA will keep tight controls of the costs. The main areas of NDIS funding that can be claimed are the support costs when passengers are enjoying their holiday.


Our website has had some good growth over the last few years and passengers as well as their support staff are using it more frequently. It is still a challenge to book a supported holiday effectively online but with the advancement in technology, I can see it is not too far from being a reality. Of course, we are always happy to speak to our passengers and staff; and in fact we enjoy the calls!

Social Media

We are improving our interaction on all social media channels all the time and love the engagement from our passengers and their support staff. Social media is an ever-evolving way of communicating and all of us at ClubMates enjoy the challenge of its development.

I would like to say a big, “THANK-YOU” to all of our passengers and their support networks for making ClubMates holidays so enjoyable and making each day a unique and rewarding experience for me and my team!

Yours Truly,
Peter Negri.