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We're in the dream making business.

Clubmates Travel is a global leader in fully supported vacations for people with a disability.

At Clubmates Travel, we offer Australian or international & individual or group travel itineraries

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From Our Disability Travel Blog

A Romantic Fusion of an Adventurous and Laid Back Valentines 2016

November 4, 2015

Make your February 2016 escapade heaving with so much fun and adventure! Although Valentine's is typically spent in a relaxed manner and romantic setting, you can certainly add some edge and an adventurous vibe to your 2016 Valentine's Day! Victoria is definitely the perfect place to spend one of th...
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Victoria's Simple Exquisiteness

September 7, 2015

Live it up in the most countrified and laid-back holiday that you could ever reward to yourself. This December, ClubMates Travel will ensure that you'd get the pampering and relaxation that you deserve for all the efforts that you've exerted throughout the year! What an amazing way to celebrate the ha...
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Disability news around the globe

Christmas Activities to Inspire our Loved Ones with a Disability

November 16, 2015

The Halloween has just recently passed and most of us surely had a fantastic, one helluva time during the scariest and most spooky time of the year! :D But just as we're about to pack up those Halloween gift and candy baskets, those orange and black house decors, the hair-raising (and funny!) costumes, an...
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Compelling Writers with a Disability

October 6, 2015

 “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” - George R.R. Martin   Reading takes us to places we have never been to. Not only does this reading generally widen our knowledge, but it is an activity that sharpens our mind...
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Providing Local, National & Worldwide Supported Travel

Clubmates Travel is the world's leading name in international supported vacations for people with a disability, trusted by passengers for over 26 years. At Clubmates we cater for anyone with a disability by providing them with the vacation they have always dreamed of.

We aim to deliver in three simple steps:

  • We listen. (What kind of vacation are you looking for?)
  • We assess. (What kind of support is needed to make that vacation happen?)
  • We support you on the vacation of a lifetime! (Our crew members support you from check-in to check-out).

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Clubmates has set sail

In an effort to take Clubmates Travel to the next level, ClubMates Cruising was born. The vision was to bring everything that is great and unique about ClubMates, and take it on to the ocean and across the globe.

You will feel the ClubMates spirit in each and every voyage. Whether you're a first time cruiser or someone who needs a helping hand on your holiday, we have the perfect cruise for you.

We are bringing you exciting destinations like The Carribean, The Bahamas, Alaska, The USA, Mexico. No Matter where the holiday is, we will make it happen.

So if you are ready for the vacation of a lifetime, visit the website now!

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