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Clubmates Travel is a global leader in fully supported vacations for people with a disability.

At Clubmates Travel, we offer Australian or international & individual or group travel itineraries

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Discover The Unparalleled Beauty Of Middle Earth

June 14, 2015

There’s just so many imageries that pop when New Zealand is described. Seeing a mixture of the gentle, as well as sheer Alps provide an inexpressible feeling. The lush, green prairies and alpine ponds are very much comparable to the Elysian Fields. The captivating landscapes and expansive meadows th...
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Say Bula to Dreamy Fiji

June 6, 2015

An exotic and truly one-of-a-kind experience awaits you in Fiji! With its 333 vivacious tropical islands and appealing balmy weather, Fiji has become one of the leading, most sought after travel destinations in the world. A famous bucket-list staple, Fiji is a paradise where families achieve their dr...
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Disability news around the globe

5 Successful Businessmen with Disabilities

June 23, 2015

We have heard so many inspiring stories about people who have made great contributions to our society. Who have lessened the load of others by making use of their skills, resources and influence in making a difference, while expressing their generosity and compassion for others. Successful people...
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10 Helpful Apps for Travelers with Disability

May 26, 2015

The smartphone technology has revolutionized and changed our lives. With Telegraph saying that “Quarter of the world will be using smartphones in 2016”, it may be unthinkable to complete a day without utilizing this technological development. It appears that everyone owns a smartphone, or ...
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Providing Local, National & Worldwide Supported Travel

Clubmates Travel is the world's leading name in international supported vacations for people with a disability, trusted by passengers for over 26 years. At Clubmates we cater for anyone with a disability by providing them with the vacation they have always dreamed of.

We aim to deliver in three simple steps:

  • We listen. (What kind of vacation are you looking for?)
  • We assess. (What kind of support is needed to make that vacation happen?)
  • We support you on the vacation of a lifetime! (Our crew members support you from check-in to check-out).

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Clubmates has set sail

In an effort to take Clubmates Travel to the next level, ClubMates Cruising was born. The vision was to bring everything that is great and unique about ClubMates, and take it on to the ocean and across the globe.

You will feel the ClubMates spirit in each and every voyage. Whether you're a first time cruiser or someone who needs a helping hand on your holiday, we have the perfect cruise for you.

We are bringing you exciting destinations like The Carribean, The Bahamas, Alaska, The USA, Mexico. No Matter where the holiday is, we will make it happen.

So if you are ready for the vacation of a lifetime, visit the website now!

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